Worthy of Note is our top notch brand for ice cream variegates.
Available in a wide selection of flavors, our variegate dice creams are one true symphony of quality and savours.

-6kg plastic bucket.


hazelnut and cocoa

This hazelnut and cacao blend is the ideal base for many ice cream blends thanks to its sweet, velvety flavour profile. Creamy at even low temperatures, it works well with the finished ice cream product.



A perfect roasted hazelnut variegate.



dark cocoa

This dark chocolate sensation epitomises the roots of the blues genre with its addictive and warm notes, combining in a creamy and delicious blend.

New age


Saffron-flavoured sauce has been created with the purpose of achieving the authentic flavour of the famous Red Gold of the kitchen, known as one of the most expensive spices in the world. We have brought honor to this title creating a product having some aromatic and chromatic characteristics worthy of a blockbuster product. All the ingredients used are perfectly balanced and enhance the unique aroma which persist for long time, without letting undesirable aftertastes.


red velvet

This product worthy of note has been created in order to satisfy the market new requests, where all his chacacteristics underline a sauce which represents the basis for inventive sweet creations. Our variegate shows off the notes of the mascarpone.



Surely one of the most lively of the musical genre and not, in fact, the one produced by Iannino is distinguishing for taste and performance in addition to making its creaminess at low temperatures, always integrates at best with new ice cream combinations.

Rock crunchy

pistachio with grain

The tendency to do a school of taste for the products based on pistachio is spreading more and more. In this delicious product Iannino srl makes you appreciate the crunchy taste of the roasted grain from the first bite and we guarantee you will never tire to find different pairings in order to enhance its quality.


speculoos biscuit

In the confectionery tradition of Belgium is counted a biscuit of international knowledge: the Speculoos, which is directing the interest of many professionals in the sector. We at Iannino have recognized these values of quality and originality and so we pushed to create this successful product for ice cream, where the comparison with the original biscuit gave a very authentic result.


salted caramel

The sweet, intense and perfumed notes of the caramelised sugar are in everyone imagination and are suitable for many pairings. Our sauce reproduces a velvety and caramelised taste which, enhanced by the right quantity of salt, offers an explosion of flavours.



This delicious milk blend is a unique product as it can harmoniously marry into many ice cream flavour combinations. Dosage as per taste. Suitable for pastry, ice cream and crepe use. Packed in 6 kg plastic buckets.


sour cherry

A product for a classic combination with fiordilatte, with excellent chromatic and structural aromatic yield.



The variegated to the taste of Lemon said “Soul”, the same that you can find in a product that employs the natural extract of Sicilian Lemons, then the rest is a harmony of creamy taste and akin to ice cream. It can also be used directly in the bowl as all the variegates of this line.


dark biscuit

.This product, realized with original ingredients, was successful in surprising exceeding any high expectation, in fact the result after its first presentation was greatly appreciated and gave points of reflection, on different kind of pairings.

Fiore di luna


Even though the Rose cannot be associated with greedy palates, we just got a bit of immagination in order to project a flavour characterized by a delicious freshness which plays a warm and enveloping music, giving away an amazing experience of flavours and pleasant feelings.