Our Company

A message from the Founder 

Iannino s.r.l. is a company that produces semi-finished products for ice cream and pastry, guaranteeing a superior quality result thanks to our vision of a healthy and balanced development, We carefully monitor each of the production phases of our products.
Today the company already has a wide selection of products that cover all the major and significant demands of the sector.
Our greatest ally is the selection of materials chosen in the best places of origin, which through methods and recipes patiently refined over the years, lay the foundations of a brand in the name of High Quality.
We guarantee our customers the security of an expert and punctual technical support, ready to respond to any request for customization and balancing of recipes and mixtures.
Becoming a customer of Iannino s.r.l. means establishing a direct relationship with the manufacturer, ensuring all the advantages of our Quality/ Price ratio and the dynamism that distinguishes us in adapting to the market demands and your needs.

Mario Iannino